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Dentist Crawley | Cosmetic Dental Practice Crawley | Boulevard Dental Care is a private dental practice conveniently
located in Central Crawley.

Our aim is to provide patients with high quality general dental care and cosmetic dentistry at affordable prices. Our approachable, friendly, highly trained team, using modern facilities and innovative technology will offer You a wide range of treatment options. Tailored to all needs and budgets, we are keen to do our best to help our patients smile with confidence.

How do I know Bdentalcare in Crawley is the Dental Clinic for me?

Dentist Crawley down -Bdentalcare is a Dental Practice based in Crawley that has established its reputation based on the consistently high-quality professional Dental services which we offer to our patients in Crawley. 

Our Dental practice is fully fitted with the latest modern equipment so that you as a patient receive the best standard of Dental treatment in Crawley private dentist.

We have a dedicated, highly experienced team of Dentists and oral hygienists that offer a wide range of cosmetic, restorative and preventative Dental treatments at our private dentist Crawley.

Get that happy smile from your Boulevard Dentist in Crawley

Your teeth are one of your most priceless treasures that must always be kept in the best condition if possible. You can do this without much ado, just visit your dentist west Sussex in Crawley "Bdentalcare" regularly. There is good news for residents around West Sussex for they are within the area served by the most reliable and trustable Dentist in Crawley who will always keep that happy smile on your faces!

What is Dental care?

Dental care, just like physical health, is essential to living the quality of life you deserve. Your oral health and much of what your dentist does is closely connected and part of your overall health. Dental care maintains healthy teeth and is also considered as:

* Oral hygiene covers the regimen of keeping the mouth and teeth clean to avoid dental disorders;

*Dentistry involves the professional care of teeth, including dental surgery and professional oral hygiene; and lastly

Oral Surgery includes any medical procedure modifying artificially dentition as well as surgery of the teeth and jaw bone.

Listen to your Dentist at Bdentalcare (where you will receive Dental treatment Crawley)

As your dentist, we can tell a lot about you and your health just by looking at your mouth. These are some indications of health issues: bad breath, discoloration of the tongue that affects your entire body plus many more. The presence of plaque, tartar, etc. are bad indicators of how unhealthy and imbalanced the build-up level of your diet are.  Knowing the close connection of your dental health and your overall health, you should visit your dentist regularly, keep all your cleaning appointments and seek a solution for any dental concerns. Be a new dental patients Crawley at our clinic!

Get to know our Excellent Dental Staff at Boulevard Dental Practice Crawley

Bdentalcare’s dental team is made up of practitioners qualified according to the highest standards and who are deeply passionate and knowledgeable about every Dental treatment they carry out. As we are a team of highly trained and skilled clinicians, we instill confidence to our patients that they will receive the best dental treatment in Crawley.  Our mission is to provide our patients with high-quality services that give the best results. To be updated on the latest techniques, we continue regular attendance in dental conventions, lectures, and meetings. Our team is well aware of the latest products, and the most recent innovations in the world of Dentistry.  As we are members of various professional dental associations, we are most knowledgeable and experienced about the new changes and recommendations from the experts and professions of our field. So, don't worry with us, your teeth are in the safest hands!

Some Dental Services/Treatments we offer: 


Braces are especially popular with people who are looking for effective ways to treat crooked or gappy teeth, or to do a realignment of the gum line. Before the procedure, our orthodontist takes time to determine the type of braces to use or their effect on the teeth. The three brace types utilize elastic bands and wires to link them together and align the teeth; they are:

1. Brackets are bonded to the front of the teeth and the most appropriate type for children;

2. Brackets are bonded to the back of the teeth; and

3. Metal bands that are wrapped around the teeth.

Bridge that smiles        

A natural-looking dental bridge will successfully fill in those unsightly spaces between the teeth and restore confidence in your appearance. As a more durable and better alternative to dentures, the dental bridge is also an effective option to replace one or more missing teeth.  A bridge consists of a single false tooth, that is set in the middle of two crowns or it can be kept stable by dental implants. Materials are usually porcelain fused to a metal or ceramic base; they exude an aura of stability and good looks. See more about our Dental Bridge process here

Children’s Dental Services

Our Dentists advise parents to introduce their kids early to the dentist as soon as their very first tooth appears (at around six months old). At home, they should de



Very pleased with the Dentist service, Receptionist was very welcoming
Anna the Hygienist did a fantastic job, she is a real asset to the Bdentalcare team. Very happy with the outcome 10/10
Anyone looking for a Dentist in Crawley should look no further than them!

Omran Djalili

Best Dentists in Crawley! The treatment was fantastic at this Crawley based Dental clinic. Very clean and very kind staff. Would highly recommend to local around Crawley.

Stine Rasmussen

I had really bad dental problems and the staff at Bdentalcare really looked after a nervous patient like me. Very nice customer service and top quality treatment, we were satisfied and recommend everyone to visit