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Your teeth are one of your most priceless treasures that must always be kept in the best condition if possible. You can do this without much ado, just visit your dentist in Crawley "Bdentalcare" regularly. There is good news for residents around West Sussex for they are within the area served by the most reliable and trustable Dentist in Crawley who will always keep that happy smile on your faces!

What is Dental care?

Dental care, just like physical health is essential to living the quality of life you deserve. Your oral health and much of what your dentist does is closely connected and part of your overall health. Dental care maintains healthy teeth and is also considered as:

* Oral hygiene covers the regimen of keeping the mouth and teeth clean to avoid dental disorders;

*Dentistry involves the professional care of teeth, including dental surgery and professional oral hygiene; and lastly

Oral Surgery includes any medical procedure modifying artificially dentition as well as surgery of the teeth and jaw bone.

Listen to your Dentist at Bdentalcare

As your dentist, we can tell a lot about you and your health just by looking at your mouth. These are some indications of health issues: bad breath, discoloration of the tongue that affects your entire body plus many more. The presence of plaque, tartar, etc. are bad indicators of how unhealthy and imbalanced the build-up level of your diet are.  Knowing the close connection of your dental health and your overall health, you should visit your dentist regularly, keep all your cleaning appointments and seek a solution for any dental concerns.

Get to know our Excellent Dental Staff

Bdentalcare’s dental team is made up of practitioners qualified according to the highest standards and who are deeply passionate and knowledgeable about every Dental treatment they carry out. As we are a team of highly trained and skilled clinicians, we instill confidence to our patients that they will receive the best dental treatment in Crawley.  Our mission is to provide our patients with high-quality services that give the best results. To be updated on the latest techniques, we continue regular attendance in dental conventions, lectures, and meetings. Our team is well aware of the latest products, and the most recent innovations in the world of Dentistry.  As we are members of various professional dental associations, we are most knowledgeable and experienced about the new changes and recommendations from the experts and professions of our field. So, don't worry with us, your teeth are in the safest hands!

Some Dental Services/Treatments we offer: 


Braces are especially popular with people who are looking for effective ways to treat crooked or gappy teeth, or to do a realignment of the gum line. Before the procedure, our orthodontist takes time to determine the type of braces to use or their effect on the teeth. The three brace types utilize elastic bands and wires to link them together and align the teeth; they are:

1. Brackets are bonded to the front of the teeth and the most appropriate type for children;

2. Brackets are bonded to the back of the teeth; and

3. Metal bands that are wrapped around the teeth.

Bridge that smiles        

A natural-looking dental bridge will successfully fill in those unsightly spaces between the teeth and restore confidence in your appearance. As a more durable and better alternative to dentures, the dental bridge is also an effective option to replace one or more missing teeth.  A bridge consists of a single false tooth, that is set in the middle of two crowns or it can be kept stable by dental implants. Materials are usually porcelain fused to a metal or ceramic base; they exude an aura of stability and good looks. See more about our Dental Bridge process here

Children’s Dental Services

Our Dentists advise parents to introduce their kids early to the dentist as soon as their very first tooth appears (at around six months old). At home, they should develop healthy dental care routine combined with regular dental visits, so the child gets used to the practice. Also, motivate the child to eat healthy and nutritious food to keep their teeth in great condition for life. For more on our services for Children Dental Services in Crawley click here

Core Build-up

To restore the missing portion of the tooth, core buildup is utilised with its filling material to support the process of restoring the crown. Core Build Up Services in Crawley by Bdentalcare

Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic treatments will not only freshen up the individual’s look but provide a deep positive result on building confidence.  Facial appearance is enhanced by proper alignment of crooked and crowded teeth; filling up those unsightly gaps and whitening discolored teeth. Bdentalcare has all the aids available from whitening and straightening your teeth from veneers and crowns and have all possible sorts of great looking solutions.


To permanently mask tooth defects such as extensive decay, crowns are slipped to cover these troublesome unsightly teeth. These customized caps are made from tooth-like tough materials that are colored to match and blend with the natural teeth. To cover up tooth problems, veneers are simply fitted on the front of the tooth. Crowns are neat and tiny restorations to close the gaps, sort out crowding or mask any discoloration or chips on teeth.

Dental Fillings/Composite Fillings

Used as an effective repair for tooth decays or damages, these composite (or white) fillings are also the best substitute to fillings of amalgams.  Because they are made from tooth-colored resin that is a mixture of plastic and glass, they blend beautifully with the teeth. They prevent further breakage or sensitivity by supporting damaged tooth structure and can be placed in the front or back teeth. See our Dental Fillings guide here. 

Dental Implants

Any problem concerning a missing tooth or dentures that are loosely fitted can be enhanced by dental implants as viable and permanent solutions. With missing teeth, the manner of eating, speaking and even general self-esteem can be greatly affected so have dental implants to improve the quality of life and restore self-confidence again.


To replace, missing teeth, rely on dentures that are a removable prosthesis. Also called and commonly referred to as ‘false teeth’, dentures are made of acrylic or a combination of acrylic and metal. Partial dentures are fitted to replace any missing teeth while complete dentures are good replacements when all-natural teeth are missing. Bdentalcare will get a good set of dentures so you can eat, speak and function normally, and improve your appearance.

Denture Repair     

Many dental appliances, even dentures, require repair. Their material often erodes and suffers fatigue in time. When dentures have been used for a long time, you can expect denture fractures, so they need repair. The longer period dentures are worn, the more likely they will merit a dental visit for repair. Contact us for Denture Repair in Crawley

Emergency Dentist Appointments

dental emergency is both distressing and painful; this event should not be ignored otherwise there will be a great risk of permanent damage or requirement for more complicated treatment. An emergency appointment is necessary to help relieve pain or provide essential treatment. Our dentists in Crawley will treat you promptly and relieve your pain. Book your Emergency Dentist Appointment.

Immediate emergency visit for the following dental disasters:

1. Infection - Pain, swelling or the presence of pus around a tooth may be a sign of infection so consulting the dentist immediately is important. Meantime, use warm salt water to rinse cheeks and to relieve any discomfort, apply a cold compress.

2. Broken or knocked out teeth – For a tooth that is accidentally pushed out of place and broken or completely knocked out, you need to go to your dentist in Crawley to save your displaced tooth. They will likely just pop it back in position to bring the tooth along with you and keep it in some milk or water with a pinch of salt.

3. For pushed out of place tooth, apply a cold compress and take the pain reliever. Just save every bit of your broken or chipped teeth, then use warm salty water to rinse your teeth while reducing any swelling with the application of a cold compress.

During the emergency consultation, Our Dentist will explain any treatment required to relieve your pain and will also recommend the definitive solution. This includes antibiotics and x-rays.


It may sometimes be necessary to extract a tooth for the following reasons:

1. The teeth are extensively decayed, or gum disease is advanced;

2. There is an impacted wisdom tooth;

3. Failure of a baby tooth to fall out has obstructed the permanent tooth to emerge; and

4. More room is needed for successful orthodontic treatment or to ensure that new dentures fit properly.

 General Dentistry

Bdentalcare's Crawley's dental team is trained to the highest standards, so they are the best professionals to seek for dental advice and they are family-oriented as they treat their patients and their family. Our practitioners are composed of well-trained dentists, hygienists, therapists, nurses etc. As experts, we cater to the need of their patients and desire to own a wonderful set of teeth by providing a wide array of Dental solutions.

General Health

If you intend to undergo dental implant surgery, you must have good health. Diabetics and heavy smokers will have a greater risk of developing gum disease or infections after implant surgery. Another important aspect is to maintain a good oral hygiene routine following the procedure. If your implants are not clean properly, there will be plaque forms on natural teeth or another plague residue. This will start bleeding, discomfort, gum infection, and soreness. Book an appointment with our Dental Hygienist in Crawley

Hygiene Services

Hygienists promote good dental hygiene by the prevention and treatment of gum diseases.  Causes of gum diseases are often the inflammation of tissues surrounding the teeth and if these diseases are neglected, it causes the gums to recede as well. Pockets will start to develop as the gum recedes from the tooth and the tooth is loose. To prevent the development of gum disease, you should maintain clean teeth. The hygienist will advise you to clean your teeth thoroughly to keep them healthy.

Use inlays and onlays as indirect filling

Known as indirect fillings, inlays and onlays are used to restore areas of tooth decay that are damaged extensively. They used lesser invasive procedures and are more affordable alternatives to a crown. As long-lasting restorative solutions, they are usually placed in teeth at the rear of your mouth or used to repair wider areas on the front teeth.

Patient Examination

To guard your oral health and diagnose early problems, have regular check-ups. During an appointment, the dentist will examine and assess the teeth, gums, and mouth to check for decay, signs of infection, symptoms of oral cancer or a bite that is misaligned. If anything in the mouth requires treatment, we will provide a feasible treatment plan that includes the best course of action and expected costs. Book your dental examination today.

Root Canal

Root canal treatment is one of the best ways to handle tooth problems. The procedure removes the tissues of the tooth’s pulp when they get infected or inflamed. Tooth decay is caused by infection or inflammation of pulp due to the advanced condition of the decay. Extensive restoration of the cracked or fractured tooth and pulp cracked or fractured tooth due to trauma, to excessive exposure of enamel and dentine of the pulp, as well as the outcome of severe gum disease are required.

Teeth Straightening

Teeth straightening solutions are much more subtle than traditional methods and are either discreetly fixed in place or come as conveniently removable aligners. The discreet nature of the straightening system comes from its clear ceramic brackets and tooth-colored wires. Cleverly designed, they work on those front six teeth creating a significant aesthetic effect to bring out those happy smiles.

Teeth whitening

Tooth whitening is a simple, but super effective treatment that will eliminate stains and leave a beautiful bright smile. There is a home whitening kit that features tailor-made trays that are used with a special gel and worn at home. Or as a time saver, try Bdentalcare's whitening treatment, that is done as a fast procedure, performed by qualified dentists in surgeries, and to speed up the lightening process, they use a laser.


Veneers are designed to cover the front side of teeth to improve overall appearance. Created from plastic thin resin materials or custom-made shells from porcelain, they feature tooth-colorful designed materials. They can be placed as a correction for poorly formed or mildly mal-positioned teeth. Other is used to fill the gaps between teeth, hide internal stains or replaced partially broken-down teeth. Read about Veneers here. 

Wisdom Teeth

The third-last permanent molars are your wisdom teeth. There are four wisdom teeth in your mouth: two are found in the upper jaw and two are in the lower jaw. Their wisdom description is due to their appearance between the ages of 16 to 21. Sometimes, wisdom tooth causes pain when its eruption is obstructed by the tooth in front of it or the surrounding bone or gums. Our dentist will assist you to manage the pain. Here is more information about Tooth extraction.

Modern dentistry, especially the likes of Crawley's Bdentalcare has ready solutions for any oral imperfections, whether it is the real thing or figments of imagination. Like magic, we transformed those mouth filled with teeth that are cracked and mangy, some missing or broken ones as well as the discolored teeth. We replaced these monstrosities with neat teeth with silver fillings that have a more natural white finish. Everything is possible with Bdentalcare's Dental Clinic in Crawley as we provide the most affordable dental treatments and all possible options so that our customers can smile!