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Why Do You Need Denture Repairs?

Once you have your dentures Crawley fitted and you are eating normally again; you are not done yet!. Like other dental appliances, your dentures require repair at our denture repair Crawley. Since all materials are subject to erosion and fatigue; consequently, the longer time you wore it, the more likely you will visit your dentist for denture repair.



Why do Dentures break and need repairing?

  1. Due to normal wear-and-tear of dentures Crawley and using them over time

    Using your dentures for a very long time will cause breakage for some reasons such as you have placed lots of pressure on them when you chew or it can be due to changing temperature or eating lots of acidic foods. So, ensure to visit denture repair Crawley when this happens.

  2. You might have dropped them and caused a crack or break

    Even if dentures are extremely durable, however, if you drop them and they land just right, they are cracked or broken in two. If that happens, it's time for denture repair!

  3. They do not fit you just right

    Your dentures are made and fitted by your dentist just for you; however, there are times when your dentures may change and become too tight or too loose. Even the shape of your mouth will simply be changed over time.

What to do in case your dentures are broken?

Keep cool and don't panic for dentures can be repaired. Call Bdentalcare to inform us of your broken dentures and schedule a repair.

In the meantime, use your back-up pair if you got one. If you don't keep any back-up pair of dentures, try to see if a temporary repair is possible.

If you are unsure how to make a temporary repair, it is essential to look into what types of short-term repairs are possible.

How to protect your dentures?

To maintain the integrity of your dentures, rinse your dentures after you eat to remove any food particles that may be hiding under your dentures. Handle your dentures and be careful not to drop and make sure not to bend the plastic or clasp. An added piece of caution is to place a towel on the counter when you're cleaning or checking your dentures. Your dentures need a daily brush by using a brush that is soft-bristled and refrains from using whitening toothpaste or any toothpaste with bleach. Overnight soaking of your denture is recommended as moistening them help to extend their life. Your dentist can give you more recommendations for overnight storage of dentures.

Denture Repair Crawley | Expert Denture Treatment in Crawley

When is a professional repair necessary?

Actual denture repairs are only for professionals as there is no DIY repair involved. You may be able to make a temporary repair if you don't have a spare set of denture However, anything you can do yourself won't last very long.

Avoid anything that will damage your dentures after your dentist refit and repair them.

The best option has a spare set of dentures. This will help you to feel calm and return to normal after the damage is done to your dentures.

When is it time to replace your dentures?

As you age, your mouth changes shape. Your gums and bones will naturally recede and shrink so your jaws may not be aligned and your dentures will not fit well any longer. Dentures that are worn or poorly fitted can cause infection, mouth sores, and other issues. As a general rule, replace your dentures every 5-7 years.

Dentures are made for lifetime use; however, there are unavoidable events or daily wear and tear instances requiring denture repairs. In fact, emergency dental care is available every time you have problems with your dentures.